Proposed Diary for 2023/2024.

17th June, 2023 – David Hague – The Protestant Reformation

21st October, 2023 – Margaret Holland – The Sound of Music

18th November, 2023 – Bruce Davis – The Wesleys & City Road Chapel AND Hugh Morgan Trophy

24th February, 2024 – Letters ‘G, H, I, J’ – All Members

27th April, 2024 – Competitions & AGM – All Members

22nd June, 2024 – David Hague – Pope John Paul II

26th October, 2024 – Tribute to Peter Greening

23rd November, 2024 – Derek West Entertains AND Hugh Morgan Trophy



A sad piece of news has once again affected the future of our modest little group of collectors. Peter Greening, our long-time member and last President, has had to stand down due to ill health. Personally, i cannot remember a time when Peter has not been at the helm of the Gabriel Society. In fact i took over from mhim some years ago as Editor of the Gabriel Magazine. He was a great help to me then, as he has to everyone who has known him over the years.

The good news is that the committee have unanimously agreed on his successor to the Presidency. We welcome David Hague, who has done sterling work with the Guild in the past. Although not always enjoying the best of health, he has agreed to step up and fill Peter’s shoes. He is a regular attendee at our London meeting but has not held office since early 2015 when Derek took over the Secretary’s job from him.

Len Yandell   –  Editor of the Gabriel Magazine.


After many years using St. Wilfrid’s Convent, Chelsea, as our home, we needed to move and spent a couple of years in the cramped room at St. George’s Church, Holborn.

Since we re-started after Covid, we have moved to the wonderful premises at Wesley’s Chapel, City Road, London, near Old Street Underground Station, and nor far from Moorgate Station. Buses numbered 21, 43, 55, 76, 141, 205, 214, 243 and 271 all pass the door.

76 and 243 call at or near Waterloo Station and 43 and 141 start at London Bridge Station.

Competition Results

The attendance at the 2019 AGM was roughly the same as usual and the competitions were well fought out. Hugh Loughton won the Kathleen Morgan trophy and David Hague won the Mallin Cup.

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