A sad piece of news has once again affected the future of our modest little group of collectors. Peter Greening, our long-time member and last President, has had to stand down due to ill health. Personally, i cannot remember a time when Peter has not been at the helm of the Gabriel Society. In fact i took over from mhim some years ago as Editor of the Gabriel Magazine. He was a great help to me then, as he has to everyone who has known him over the years.

The good news is that the committee have unanimously agreed on his successor to the Presidency. We welcome David Hague, who has done sterling work with the Guild in the past. Although not always enjoying the best of health, he has agreed to step up and fill Peter’s shoes. He is a regular attendee at our London meeting but has not held office since early 2015 when Derek took over the Secretary’s job from him.

Len Yandell   –  Editor of the Gabriel Magazine.

Competition Results

The attendance at the 2019 AGM was roughly the same as usual and the competitions were well fought out. Hugh Loughton won the Kathleen Morgan trophy and David Hague won the Mallin Cup.

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The Protestant Reformation


The Protestant Reformation was a movement in Europe that began with Martin Luther’s activities in 1517 and ended with the Peace of Westphalia in 1648. The movement began as an attempt to reform the Catholic Church and led to the fracturing of Christendom. Many western Christians were troubled by what they saw as false doctrines and malpractices within the Catholic Church, particularly involving its teaching and the sale of indulgences. Another major contention was the practice of buying and selling church positions (simony) and the tremendous corruption found at the time within the Church’s hierarchy.
On 31 October 1517, in Saxony (in what is now Germany), Martin Luther nailed his Ninety-Five Theses On the Power of Indulgences to the door of the Wittenberg Castle Church, which served as a notice board for university-related announcements. These were points for debate that criticized the Church and the Pope. The most controversial points centred on the practice of selling indulgences and the Church’s policy on purgatory.

2017 saw the 500th anniversary of this historic event and, as far as we know, 33 countries have issued stamps or mini-sheets to celebrate this: Austria, Belgium, Belarus, Benin, Brazil, Canada, Central African Republic, Congo, Croatia, Djibouti, Dominican Republic, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Gabon, Germany, Guinea Bissau, Hungary, Iceland, Ivory Coast, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Madagascar, Mali, Namibia, Niger, Papua New Guinea, Poland, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Slovenia, Togo and Vatican.

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