Programme for 2019-2020

18th May 2019                    –    David Currie – ‘Pages from my collection’.

15th June 2019                   –     Derek West will display a collection of ‘Corporal Acts of Mercy’.

19th October 2019             –     All Members  –   ’10 pages from my collection’

16th November 2019        –     Margaret Holland  –  ‘The Animal Kingdom’  AND The Hugh Morgan Cup Competition entitled ‘My favourite Religious Stamp/s)

16th February 2020         –     All Members  –  ‘V, W, X, Y, Z’

15th March 2020              –     Annual General Meeting AND The Kathleen Morgan Trophy Competition entitled ‘Religious Celebrities’ and the Malin Trophy Competition entitled ‘ Any Religious Subject’

19th April 2020                –     Peter Hann  –  ‘The Treasurer Entertains’

17th May 2020                 –     Len Yandell  –  ‘Orval Abbey’

21st June 2020                –     David Hague  –  ‘William the Conqueror’

(Please note that the exact dates for 2020 have not yet been agreed.)


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